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The Hemingway

(**PLEASE NOTE: the price listed is in US DOLLARS**)
(Worldwide postage is $50 US. For any extras $25 US)

Ok, so let's say The Hemingway is my "signature product". It is basically the best travel bag you'll see. Every single bag is handmade by a family of leatherworkers who are friends of mine. The bag has been designed for stylish and functional travel, with all details thought-out and tested through trips to various locations around the globe. Importantly, the dimensions are so that when fully packed it can still be "carry-on luggage" on just about any airline in the world. Why lug a big backpack around and have to endure those punishing waits beside the baggage carousel? Just grab it from the overhead compartment, leave the plane, clear customs and you're away ... wherever you may be.

Other key points:

* There is a document pocket specially designed to lie against your back, rather than be exposed to the wide world. This allows easy access for you at airports but no access at all to anyone of ill-repute when carried on your back;
* There is a front pocket that fits an Ipad in a case snugly and can be easily accessed for security screening;
* The bag's zip design allows ease of access to the whole bag. Basically, you can lie the bag flat and use the zip to access the entire bag - unlike a normal backpack which usually has just "top-down" access ... which usually results in the item you most want somehow finding its way to the very (hard-to-access) bottom;
* There are four generous-sized, side pockets with zips and/or buckles, plus an especially secure one having a zip and a buckle;
* The cover-all outer flap provides security when buckled and also offers good protection from that sudden downpour when caught on the move in Saigon or Singapore;
* There is also extra storage space on top of pack under cover-all flap for shoes, towel etc which can secured when flap is buckled down.

How does that sound? Ok, you want more?

* On the inner lining there are small pouches for your chargers, and a zip pouch at the back where you can store your emergency money, copies of passport, visas etc.
* All zips and buckles are heavy-duty and have an old-school appearance.
* The bag is of course made with a classic vintage look - all made with heavy-duty leather that gets better in appearance the more it's used and abused.

Right? Got all that? So it's The Hemingway, the bag that gives you the look and feel of the 1930s with the functions for now. Style, romance , adventure ... a great journey starts with a great bag.

Want to buy one? Do so right here. You can pay by the usual means and within a short space of time, you too will be blessed with the wonder that is ...

(**PLEASE NOTE: the price listed is in US DOLLARS**)
(Worldwide postage is $50 US. For any extras $25 US)